André Brugiroux, a globetrotter’s life

In sixty years, he has visited every country in the world, and is taking on a new challenge.

“Travel is youth.” This adage, André Brugiroux, has taken it literally. At 17, he stopped hotel school and started travelling. First step in Canada, not to do tourism but to work. In a few years, he made a fortune; savings that would allow him to realize his dream. Travelling will be the driving force of his existence. It will therefore take not a year but a sabbatical life to complete the round-the-world trip and meet its challenge: to visit every country on the planet.

For sixty years, he travelled through 152 states as a globetrotter for whom every penny counted. He managed to live on only one dollar a day for several years. Never a night in a hotel, hitchhiking and eating on the street. His journey led him seven times to prison, in countries where he was considered more of a spy than a tourist. Today, he would like to take up one last challenge: to set foot on the “Chagos”, a group of islands lost in the Indian Ocean, not really a country but a military base forbidden to visitors. The complete list of the territories visited is available on his website.